Programmer: Leon Wu, Shelly Xiao

Artist: Sitong Chen (3D), Annie Huang (2D)

Sound Designer: William Jin

Game Play

Zodiac Race is a first-person narrative based VR game to tell a Chinese traditional Zodiac story. It includes 3 mini games, and the player would highly interact with the story. In mini games, the player uses different gestures to pull chicken feathers, washing pig, hitting drum, waving hand, and having five to involve the whole story. 

Platform: Oculus

Tool used: Maya, Unity, 3D-Coat, Photoshop

This project was completed in two weeks.

My Contribution

  • Lead art and design the overall style

  • Design game mechanics, story line, and User Experience

  • Highly Involved in programming (visual effects) and sound design

  • Created all 3D models (characters and environment)

  • Created all hand-painted textures, and layout UV

  • Created all 3D (character) and 2D animations

  • Rigging

Game Scene Screenshot - Rooster

Game Characters - Models, UV layout, Textures

Mouse                            poly count: 1129

Rooster                            poly count: 1032

Rooster without Feather                            poly count: 822

Pig                            poly count: 622

OX                            poly count: 726

Paw                            poly count: 278

Character Animation Pieces

Story line and Game Design