November 2018





Created an object with random vertex animation. And used in as a base of fire to create random burning fire animation.


Water bird


  • Bird Object

  • Fluid Tank

  • Small Water Drop Simulation

Fluid tank water simulation

Add wind velocity and direction to create a waving water animation.

Object water simulation (Bird)

Add noise and noisy animation for the object to create a water moving animation.

Water drops simulation (drops from the wing, small drops around the bird)

Create and generate spheres as water drop. Merge them with the bird.


Breaking pig

Use Fracture breaking simulation to break the geometry.

Glue the geometry together and ad red color to breaking part.

Remove red (color channel R equals 1) from black (color channel R equals 0).

Transfer color removing value to the geometry.

Change gravity to negative to fly breaking stones away.


floating island

Procedural Modeling Working Progress