Producer: Sitong Chen

Programmer: Zhi Jing, Mera Tegene

Artist: Sitong Chen (completed 85% of game art), Xinxiu Zhong, Huixin Luo

Sound Designer: Huixin Luo

Game Play

Shipped is a first-person narrative VR game to give a freedom to naive guests without any instructions to lead the game.

Players will figure out swimming mechanics by themselves and follow a shoal of fishes to find memory pieces to get the whole story. During memory process, the player will and have questions for himself and figure out

Who he is

Why he is in the ship and underwater

Who the girl is and what the relationship with her

If he and she already dead

Why they dead

The story tries to give a reversing, surprising, and guilty emotion to the guest.

Platform: Vive

Tool used: Maya, Unity, 3D-Coat, Photoshop, Houdini, Audition

This project was completed in two weeks.

My Contribution

  • Lead and manage the team, involved process of every production part (programming, art, sound).

  • Design game mechanics, story, and leading logic

  • Design art style

  • Created Ship, plants, hands models and texture

  • Created all other textures, and layout UV

  • Created all 2D animations

  • Used Houdini to break the ship



Switching Effect into memory pieces


Plants waving shader


These two effects were designed by me, and Complemented by Zhi Jing

Level Design

The player starts from Main Cabin to collect first two memories, then goes out from the upper hole by following the leading fishes (Indirect Control).

The player will see the lighter in the Wheel Room. and goes towards to the Deck after collecting the Lighter.

After collecting Newspaper, the leading fishes will indirectly control the player to the Engine Room.

And goes to the ship bottom from the hole on the Deck.

After collecting remaining memories at the ship bottom.  The player remembers everything and released from himself. 

He will go out from Bottom hole automatically. And the ship will broke.

Sequence of memory and questions will be asked from the guest

narrative analysis.png

Technique for reaching the goal

Two final items at the bottom can be seen from Main cabin


Example of game assets:



Four key animations to tell the story (2D Storyboard style animation)


Panic Smoking

Dating in Engine Room

Ship Disaster