Programmer: Muzi Wang, Chonghui Sun

Artist: Sitong Chen (complete 80% of game art), Xinran Zhan

Sound Designer: Chuhan Wu

Onmyoji is a first-person VR game to tell a story happened in Japanese style night market. The player would follow an indirect control that is the main character Mura to walk through the whole night market. 

The goal of the player is fighting enemies to solve issues and to save the night market.

The player has two skills which are Appear and Fire. All enemies are hidden, and player needs to use Appear to make them display, and then use fire to kill them.

The whole game contains two types of enemies. The little and fat one would not be killed. The action is using Appear to scar and chase them. The tall and black enemies can be killed by Fire.

To win the game, the player must kill all tall enemies before they destroying stalls.

This game was selected to ETC Festival.

My Contribution

  • Design game mechanics and story line

  • Design game art styles

  • Writing Toon shader

  • Design and create all characters

  • Fix models from the other artist ( reduce polygon, fix edges, UV, and normal)

  • Create all textures

  • Sculpt and paint terrain in Unity

  • Design and set up the environment.

  • Lighting

  • Breaking effect in Houdini

  • Make fire sprite sheet

Platform: Oculus

Software used: Unity, Maya, 3D-Coat, Photoshop, Houdini

Game Environment

Toon shader

Influenced by lighting

Houdini Breaking Effects

Fire Sprite Sheet

Process of game play

  • Introduction for the night market by Mary

  • Lighten the Lantern by Fire

  • Display the Taiyaki thief by Appear

  • Display enemy who sits on NPC and kill him by Fire

  • Market chaos

  • Display and kill enemies before stall destroyed

  • Win/Lose