November 2018


Houdini: Fire, Water, Broken, Procedual Modeling

Overall Demo Reel

Fire - Houdini

Created an object with random vertex animation. And used in as a base of fire to create random burning fire animation.

Water Bird - Houdini


  • Bird Object

  • Fluid Tank

  • Small Water Drop Simulation

Fluid tank water simulation

Add wind velocity and direction to create a waving water animation.

Object water simulation (Bird)

Add noise and noisy animation for the object to create a water moving animation.

Water drops simulation (drops from the wing, small drops around the bird)

Create and generate spheres as water drop. Merge them with the bird.

Breaking Pig - Houdini

Use Fracture breaking simulation to break the geometry.

Glue the geometry together and ad red color to breaking part.

Remove red (color channel R equals 1) from black (color channel R equals 0).

Transfer color removing value to the geometry.

Change gravity to negative to fly breaking stones away.

Floating Island - Procedural Modeling with Houdini

Procedural Modeling Working Progress