Game Design: Alex Claypool, Christian Axisa, John Shull, Dillon Chan, Sitong Chen

Art: Sitong Chen

Basic Cards Back


Character Cards

Front & Back


Red Power


Red Skip


Red Reverse


Blue Power


Blue Skip


Blue Reverse


Yellow Power


Yellow Skip


Yellow Reverse




Dealchemize (Split)


Play Matt



        To Setup, each player takes one character card, and five color cards for their starting hand. The character card is kept secret, and shows the player their individual win state.

        To Play, players take turns counterclockwise, playing one card from their hand.

Basic cards contains only a Primary color, representing a stage in the ritual. When played, the player puts them onto the board in the column of that color. The player may also choose to play the cards on top of a different color that has been placed on the board. In this case, both colors are combined and form a new Secondary color.

Red and Yellow make Orange

Yellow and Blue make Green

Red and Blue make Purple

The order does not matter. Both cards are them moved to the column of the Secondary color.

Power Cards are like basic cards, but have special rules that activate when they are used.

They are:

        Skip: The next player in sequence loses their turn. Is also a Primary color

        Reverse: The order of play is reversed. Is also a Primary color

        Prismatic: This card mat be played as any Primary color. Once used, it is treated as that color while on the board

        Split: This card must be played on an existing Secondary pair. When played, the pair is split. One of the colors is returned to its Primary color track on the board. The other, and the Split card, is discarded

After a player has played their card, they draw a new one and play continues.

The player may choose to discard their hand instead of playing a card, and then draw five new cards.

Wining the Game

        The game ends on players turn if their secret win condition has been met. This is determined by their character card. If the required quantities of all colors has been met or exceeded by cards on the board, they are able to successfully summon their deity and win the game. Note that the other players can prevent this by happening if they are able to skip a players turn through Skip and Reverse cards. Remember, you can only win on your turn.


Game Play