Game Play

Game Environment Demo Reel

Blue Fire is a Third Person Game. The project is the individual Senior Thesis in RIT, and focuses on Game Level Design. The game level is based on the Interest Curve.

Game Mechanics

Five Crystals are hiding in this place. The goal of players is to find five crystals, and collect the Blue Fire at the final Destination. If crystals found are not enough, players can be hurt by Blue Fire without Crystals' protection.

Players' health continually decreases. At the same time, in order to increase the health and to keep the player alive, players must find Mushrooms to eat/cook.

Five Mushroom can be cooked as one soup.

Drinking one soup can fill full the health.

Eating one Mushroom can increase a part of the health.

Game Level Design


A Play Start

For the game level design field, the player starts on a circular platform. 

Grass and trees cover a sight line of the player to increase the adventure curiosity.

Fires with warm color are indirect control to lead the player.

Plants have a waving shader, and the long grass assigns an interactive waving shader that can be moved when passed through by the player.

To seek the out world, the player will pass grass. And it creates a special and surprising experience for the guest.

After walking out from grass, the player will arrive the first relic, and find the first crystal.

At this area, the interest curve would go high.

A waving flag is used vertex animation technique in Unreal Engine 4.

B Walking Path

This part is a path for walking, and the space is not crowd. In this part, the player can watch the Northern Light that created with an animated shader.

C Entrance

After passing the pass, the player will arrive the Entrance and go through a first bridge.

D Rest Area

For this area, the house is established here and the player will find multiple mushrooms in it. It is a special place for the guest to get rest.

Inthis area, the interest curve will com down for a while.

The player will find the second crystal that is hided behind two columns.

These columns are designed for other indirect control to lead the guest to find the crystal.

After going up strairs, there are two ways that can be chosen by the player.

E Temple Relic

This area is one of ways that the guest can choose to go first or second.

The passing way is designed with an aesthetic composition to move the guest's focal point to the temple.

The interest curve will go high again with different sound and lighting stones that sets in the temple.

The stone design is based on the game culture. People sacrifice with the central tree that can be seen at the center of a lake.


If the player chooses to pass this way, it will go this small path to arrive the other main area.

To design the entrance of this area, two flags as a mark are set up.

F Sacrifice

The Sacrifice is the other area that can find the crystal.

In this place, the background music will switch to same as the Temple Relic.


This area is the last place that can find the crystal. It closes to the Blue Fire.


G Blue Fire

After collecting all crystals, the player will arrive the final destination which is the Blue Fire.

To increase the surprising of the player, the main part Blue Fire is hided by the wall.


The interest curve will arrive highest at this point when the player sees the design of the Blue Fire. It will goes down after collecting and win the game.

UI Design

Initial HUD Design


Map & Icon